A critique of breaking the code a play by hugh whitemore

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Review: Breaking the Code at The Royal Exchange, Manchester

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Breaking The Code (Acting Edition)

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Sebastian agrees to temporarily return to his old position as head of the department until the new code is cracked. Breaking The Code by Hugh Whitemore will have its Theatre Rhinoceros premiere in this exclusive San Francisco production for a limited engagement - 15 performances only!

The show plays tonight. Whitemore's play, for a reader, is a quick and easy way to learn about Alan Turing, code breaking during WWII and ``gross indecency'' law enforcement in midth Century England.

On the stage it is an effective vehicle for sharp characterization and gripping story development/5(6). In the creative area alone, excluding scholarship, Hugh Whitemore’s play, Breaking the Code was produced inand that play was based on earlier released or uncovered information about code-breaking at Bletchley Park; Sekret Enigmy, a Polish film, came out in The film was full of many more secrets: the German secret codes that the.

I f there is a flaw to Hugh Whitemore's terrifically well-made play about Alan Turing, scrupulously revived here by Rob Hastie and starring Daniel Rigby, it’s that it is very much of its time.

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Hugh Whitemore (Author of Breaking The Code)