A critique of meena alexanders autobiography in fault lines

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Alexander, Meena

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A Personal Analysis of Fault Lines, a Book by Meena Alexander ( words, 2 pages) Fault Lines AnalysisMeena Alexanders brief autobiography makes readers feel as if they are looking at her life through a small microscope with an imaginative lens making everything look tragic.

A complex-network perspective on Alexander 's wholeness.

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passage from Meena Alexander's autobiography, Fault Lines Where do I come from?

Autobiography Essay Examples

Who are my ancestors? These are two questions that one asks constantly and commonly.


With the diversity of ethnic backgrounds and languages, these questions are severely difficult to answer. In Alexander's autobiography she defines herself as a fault.

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Alexander‟s Fault Lines is a memoir and according to Webster‟s New World Dictionary, memoir is an autobiography that is objective and .

A critique of meena alexanders autobiography in fault lines
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