Chattel paper

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Chattel Paper Law and Legal Definition

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Jul 07,  · document showing both monetary obligation and security interest. German: Verkehrspapier n Korean: 동산저당증권 (dongsan-jeodang-jeunggwon). Mobile Home Loan Questions and Mobile Home Financing & Refinancing Questions and Answers by JCF Lending Group.

(a) [Article 9 definitions.] In this article: (1) "Accession" means goods that are physically united with other goods in such a manner that the identity of the original goods is not lost.

Is a tipper truck personal chattel?

Aug 20,  · A chattel paper is a document with information about a monetary obligation along with the specifics of a security interest that. Definitions of key terms and phrases used in commercial, retail and investment banking and bank regulation.

Sep 11,  · In a simple example of a setting in which a chattel paper might be used, an equipment rental company could rent equipment to a business, and retain a.

Chattel paper
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What is Chattel Paper?