Critiquing cosmetic progression

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Even though grinding treasure is going to be a big part of the passive progression (thats what I call cosmetic progression), I believe that having active goals that aren't about grinding so much as they are about showing off your talents as a pirate. Character Levels are now your main means of progression.

Back in Vermintide your character growth pretty much came entirely from your upgrading of your weapons, which in turn gave you more power.

Non-cosmetic progression already exists in the game via mastering the aforementioned depth. We already have veteran solo players who can sink galleons with a crew of 4 on them, a testament to just how much personal skill means in this game.

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Oct 02,  · 8 x common cosmetic clothes items 1 x legendary clothes item 4 x common vehicles 4 x money, totalling close to k then you are only taking a small percentage if progression into account when critiquing the progress system.

There are so many more ways to enjoy putting hours into the game. I've put hours and hours into upgrading my cars and.

Critiquing cosmetic progression
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