Ddekada 70

Dekada '70 (Ang Orihinal at Kumpletong Edisyon)

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It was in September 21st,that he chained close whatever inkling of democracy the Filipinos had by declaring Martial Law. Unfortunately, it was a rule of a a twisted sort: the nation would [ ].

For Film Review: Dekada '70 2/2 CLICK HERE “Buong buhay ko yan na lang lagi ang sinasabi nila sa akin wala kang magagawa eto ang gusto ng asawa mo wala kang magagawa eto ang kapalaran mo wala kang magagaw dahil dapat putris naman, dapat hindi ganuo tapos sasabihin ng daddy n’yo hindi lang ang anak ko ang pinatay hindi lang.

Dekada '70 () In the Philippines, Amanda (Vilma Santos) and Julian (Christopher De Leon) are doing their best to rear their five sons during the repressive dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. Dekada '70 tells of how under hate, greed and corruption, one normal person transcends beyond right and wrong: instead learns that it is freedom that entails survival.

Set in the 70's, urban Metro Manila, Amanda Bartolome is a middle-class mother of five young men. Dekada ’70 tells of how under hate, greed and corruption, one normal person transcends beyond right and wrong: instead learns that it is reedom that entails survival.

Set in the 70’s, urban Metro Manila, Amanda Bartolome is a middle-class mother of five young men. While I’m on a classic reading binge, I thought it only fair to include a Filipino classic novel (written in Filipino).

[Book:Dekada ‘70] translated in English as “Decade ‘70” is an account of a woman living in a “man’s world” during those difficult years when Martial Law was declared in the Philippines/5.

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