Ethanol as a fuel source

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U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

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Ethanol fuel in Brazil

Learn More. Pros and Cons of Corn Ethanol Corn ethanol was first considered as a fuel source by Harry Ford and other auto-makers. They predicted that ethanol would become the world's fuel. Ethanol is also available as E85 (or flex fuel), which can be used in flexible fuel vehicles, designed to operate on any blend of gasoline and ethanol up to 83%.

Another blend, E15, is approved for use in model year and newer vehicles. Ethanol: Pros & Cons. Fuel Transportation - Ethanol absorbs water and is corrosive, which make it difficult to ship through existing pipelines from the Midwest of the U.S., where most production occurs.

Remedies include shipping or building dedicated ethanol pipelines, however the most likely scenario seems to involve rail or road transport. Fuel-Testers-Portable Alcohol Fuel Test Kits and E10 Tips: Check gas for ethanol and water to protect motors - Boat, auto, airplane, lawn, storage tanks, and all gas-powered engines from E10 gasoline-caused damage and performance problems.

Quik Check Solution instantly reveals ethanol and/or water in fuel. Confirm pure-gas at pumps labeled ethanol-free.

What is Ethanol Fuel?

How to Make Ethanol Fuel. In this Article: Processing Your Raw Biomaterial Fermenting Your Biomaterial Distilling and Blending Your Ethanol with Gasoline Community Q&A It's possible to make small batches of ethanol at home using ordinary food items and a few basic pieces of equipment.

Ethanol as a fuel source
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What is Ethanol Fuel and Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethanol - Conserve Energy Future