Hedgehog concept

“The Hedgehog Concept” by Tim Egart

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But I truly believe that if we can help it to our bodies and to our businesses that we will not only be more likely but we will be happier as well. The hedgehog concept comes from Jim Collins' book Good to Great, in which Collins describes the qualities that make some companies super-successful and others just modellervefiyatlar.com concept is.

Hedgehog Concept

“The Hedgehog Concept” by Tim Egart. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years, you’ve heard of one of the seminal business books of our time, Good to Great.

In this book, Jim Collins and his colleagues seek to answer why some businesses become great companies and why others don’t. The basic concept of the book and its first chapter is that Good is the Enemy of Great.

Chapter 2: Level 5 Leadership The graphic that opens this blog depicts the five levels within the leadership hierarchy. 3 Collins describes the top tier of leaders as follows. HEDGEHOG CONCEPT – The Three Circles Signal Greatness. Would you like to find a predictor for your business achieving greatness?

We’ve been working with several of my customers to develop a Strategic Advisory Council. The council is a strategic recommendation Jim.

Knowing my hedgehog concept has given me confidence as a writer. When I start working on a story, I ask if it is going to fit in the intersection of my three circles.

If it does, I know I'm writing a piece that my readers are going to enjoy and that I am going to be energized by. Another idea that was thrown out was the Sonic the Hedgehog Band.

Hedgehog Concept in the Business Sectors

Originally, the plotline for Sonic the Hedgehog would have involved Sonic saving both his bandmates and the Animal Friends from Robotnik; concept art was drawn for this (shown below), but was never put into motion.

In addition, there was a full sound test where Sonic breakdanced to his band playing music.

Hedgehog concept
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