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The Top 10 Best-Reviewed Commercial Paper Shredders

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This academics your documents are sitting in the argument waiting to be shredded. Save $$$ at Office Depot and OfficeMax with coupons and deals like: Free Mouse & McAfee with HP Laptop Order - $ ~ Free Mouse & McAfee with HP Laptop Order - $ ~ Free Mouse & McAfee with HP Laptop Order - $ ~ Up to 40% Off + Extra 10% Off Furniture & Seating for Rewards Members ~ and more >>> Departmental Paper Shredders Browse our large selection of departmental paper shredders for commercial office use from Fellowes, Swingline, Dahle, HSM, and more.

Several paper shredders in this category offer bin capacities of over 50 gallons. I have an Ativa 12MC05 paper shredder which I purchased at Office Depot. Unfortunately, I kept it in its box for a number of months before I set up my office.

When I plug it in, place it on the Auto setting and insert a single sheet of paper, the Overheat indicator goes on immediately and the machine will not shred any paper. Find great deals on eBay for office depot shredder lubricant sheets. Shop with confidence. Cross-cut shredders can destroy most bills and statements safely.

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Micro-cut shredders chop the paper even more finely, making even small print impossible to read. If you tend to stuff too much paper in the shredder, use a brand with a built-in overload sensor to help keep it under control and consider a larger model built for a busy office.

If you dont have the space for a paper shredder, don’t do a high volume of shredding, or if you don’t feel like spending the $60+ for a quality electronic shredder, these shredding scissors can be had for under $20 from Useful Things.

Office depot paper shredder
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