Pasting in excel without overwriting a hard

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Profound UI Version History

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Also, when you see Insert Sheet Rows, you can right click on it and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar to make it faster to right click on the row header where you want to paste and select Insert Copied Cells without your having to select them.

Hi Barry, The action to run the macro to export the variables from the qvw to excel is not defined in the I am not sure if you want to change that.

Sometime in the last few months the copy/paste function within Excel (Office version) stopped working for me. I have updated Windows and all Office apps.


An overview of changes made in Lansweeper updates can be found in our changelog. To check whether your Lansweeper installation requires. Utilize the extensive library of Profound UI widgets & view product source code.

Pasting in excel without overwriting a hard
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