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By ravi on July 17th, —>Click here to view Technothlon Key paper. please i request the head of this exam to provide answer.

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Technothlon went International. For the first time Technothlon was conducted abroad in the cities of Singapore and Dubai. Moreover, Technothlon also reached another milestone at the National level with the tie up with nearly Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas.

This time the exam was held in 75+ cities across the country. Technothlon ha different papers for the two squads - the juniors: classes 9 and 10, and the hauts: classes 11 and The first round of Technothlon is the Prelims, a written examination full of ligical questions.

Technothlon Answer Key Prelims July Exam Solved Question Paper. Technothlon Prelims exam conducted on 15th Julyvarious school students participated for this exam.

Technothlon 2018 Answer Key Prelims July 2018 Exam Solved Question Paper

Aspirants written Technothlon prelims exam as a team of two members. The students are now eagerly checking for release of Technothlon. Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati for students of classes 9 to Technothlon – International School Championship by IIT Guwahati: Registrations Open.

School; The question paper will have various sections like maths, puzzles, code crunchers etc. The paper is totally different from that of any other competitive examination; being based solely on logic, analytical ability, and practical observations and involving no academic syllabus.

The paper is to be attempted jointly by a team of 2.

Technothlon exam papers
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